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7 kinds of Girlfriends Every Woman Needs

Ever wondered what a girl’s life would be without her girlfriends?

Don’t even try to imagine. Come to think about it. Girlfriends happen to be the only women a girl can choose in her life. After all, a woman doesn’t have a say on who becomes her mother, aunt, sister, cousin, mother-in-law, she just makes do with what is available.

Nothing is more comforting than the knowledge of knowing you have a gang of girlfriends who will do anything for you. Your gals will sit and cry with you after a loss, be it death, divorce or breakup. I know if I go bald today (which would be downright hilarious), my girlfriends will show up. Some will sob but the majority will just giggle sheepishly. But one thing is for sure, they will all go shopping for a wig with me.

Irrespective of age or status, every woman needs the following kinds of friends to enrich her life:

  1. The Confidant

This is the girlfriend who knows so much about you. She knows and has seen the bad, the ugly and the ridiculous in you and yet she still loves you. She is the kind that is so tight lipped about your secrets that she will take them to her grave. Most confidants can face a firing squad and not reveal a thing about you. A Confidants is rarely judgmental, she is fiercely loyal and she always has your back no matter what.  This kind of a friend is so rare that any woman in possession of one knows she has a good thing going.

  1. The Clown

She is the go-to-girl when you need a good laugh. She is happy-go-lucky with a soul that is incredibly difficult to torment. It doesn’t matter whether she is loud or subdued, any time you are in her company, she cracks your ribs through laughter. She always comes in handy when things are tough since she has the ability to poke fun at everything.

  1. The Counsellor

She is the kind of girl you go to when you not only need to vent but you need level headed advice. She is a therapist with no training whatsoever and whose services are free of charge. She is a great listener who has the capacity to take so much crap from you without judging or feeling used. She is the kind that will answer your call at 2 am, suffer through your uncontrollable sobs, console you and offer you advice that will calm your nerves without any qualm. Among all your friends, she is likely to be the soberest and calmest.

  1. The Critic

This is the girlfriend who is a perfect fit for E.A. Bucchianeri definition of  a true friend, “An acquaintance merely enjoys your company, a fair-weather companion flatters when all is well, a true friend has your best interests at heart and the pluck to tell you what you need to hear.” She is a tough one to deal with because all your friends think she is mean. The joy of having her as a friend is the knowledge that she critics you from a point of love. She does it when it’s necessary and she is always willing to help. She is the kind to ask, “Is that a double cheeseburger? I thought you said you can no longer get into that cute pencil skirt?” And she will say it with so much attitude that you will drop that burger in a dustbin and if you choose to eat it, it will be the most tasteless thing you have ever eaten.

  1. The Cheerleader

This is the gal who treats you not as you are but as you should be. She believes in your dreams sometimes more than you do. She is the one that sparks your motivation so that you can hold on during difficult sessions of your life. She boosts your self-confidence and lifts your spirit when you are facing any challenge. She encourages you to soar and fly and is always standing by to catch you if you fall.

  1. The Crazy one

This is the girlfriend who believes sane is dead boring. She is the kind that will spruce your life with crazy suggestions and imaginings that will make your mouth drop. She is a dreamer who can push you outside your comfort zone and make you do things you never thought you could. She is an adventurous daredevil who has the advantage of knowing you and your silent longing so well. Women have climbed Mount Everest, learned scuba diving,  rode Harley motorcycles, and gone for missions in Mongolia under the influence of crazy girlfriends who believed it was possible.

  1. The Composed

This girlfriend is the polar opposite of the crazy gal in your life. She is the voice of reason. She is the kind that stops you dead in your tracks and asks questions. She is the kind that asks,” So you want to climb the Himalayas? Have you talked to your doctor about what high altitudes will do to your asthmatic chest?” She may deflate you but she will make you more reasonable. She is the stabilizing force that pokes holes in your child-like enthusiasm with so much love that it’s hard to resent her.

Girlfriends make a woman’s life fun and worthwhile.  They understand you in a way no man can’t. Always choose them carefully and treat them right. If you have great girlfriends in your life, you are a lucky woman who has something good going.

About Jenny

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother who believes in discovering the wonder and the marvel of an ordinary life by allowing it to inspire me and holding onto the belief that God uses the ordinary to do extra ordinary things in the lives of others. I believe that i do not have to be in possession of a great talent for my life to be magical. I can move mountains and change the world I live in by embracing whatever I have with a grateful attitude and nurturing my mustard seed to an amazing tree of greatness. I believe that I can begin and nurture great relationships, I can do an incredible job in my workplace irrespective of my title, I can be a great homemaker and can manage the resources that God has given me as a great steward. I am a firm believer of the Proverbs 31 not as a God’s judgment yardstick but as a sign of God’s confidence in the feminine clan and his perception of the incredible power he has given women. Yes I believe that ‘feminity’ is fascinating and God’s best gift to women.

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