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2 Incredible Facts About Women and Money

You cannot experience a complete transformation in your financial life as a woman if you do not understand how you relate with money. Women are emotional creatures; this is a fact that cannot be disputed. We use the word ‘Feel’ more than ‘think’ in our day to day lives and money is no exception. There are two types of women as far as relationship with money is concerned: Spenders and Hoarders.


The spenders believe that money is made to be spent. Their operation slogan or money matters tag line is ‘Why save when you can spend!‘ or ‘Spend it today, tomorrow will take care of its self‘. How do you spot a spender:

1. They are shopaholics who are always buying all manner of things whether the need them or not.

2. They are perpetually in debt unless they are heirs to thrones or business empires.

3. They live beyond their means and image is everything to them.

4. Believe money is a sign of love. They express love through gifts and money and they expect the same from other people.

5. They neither believe in budgets nor live by them.

6. To them every need and want is an emergency that need to be taken care of instantly.

7. They don’t honor their financial obligations nor take them seriously.


Hoarders are on the other extreme of the divide. They have an unusual attachment to money and to them money is everything. They earn to save and would rather sleep hungry or walk naked than spend a dime. How do you spot a hoarder?

1. She is stingy both to herself and others. She will sacrifice comfort, safety and health at the altar of money.

2. She is allergic to enjoying her  money. Accumulation of cash and other forms of wealth gives her the biggest satisfaction in life.

3. She is the kind that is always looking for bargains and will do anything to save money even if it means compromising on quality.

4. She will never disclose how much money she has or where she keeps it.

5. She finds it hard to invest since she cannot entrust her money to anyone. They treasure their money more than life.

6. She will have a rich bank account but a poor life. She becomes a slave of her own money.

These are the two extremes . Both the spender and the hoarder have deep emotional issues about money. These issues mostly find their origins in childhood experiences. For instance people who grew up in extreme poverty are more likely to be hoarders since they grow up believing that money is a scarce and rare resource that ought to be protected at all costs. On the other hand children who are always mistreated because of money can grow up believing money is a sign of love since they equate lack of it with lack of affection at home.

It is important therefore for every woman to address all deep seated emotional issues that affect how they relate with money. In so doing she will be unlocking her potential to create wealth and experience financial freedom.


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I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother who believes in discovering the wonder and the marvel of an ordinary life by allowing it to inspire me and holding onto the belief that God uses the ordinary to do extra ordinary things in the lives of others. I believe that i do not have to be in possession of a great talent for my life to be magical. I can move mountains and change the world I live in by embracing whatever I have with a grateful attitude and nurturing my mustard seed to an amazing tree of greatness. I believe that I can begin and nurture great relationships, I can do an incredible job in my workplace irrespective of my title, I can be a great homemaker and can manage the resources that God has given me as a great steward. I am a firm believer of the Proverbs 31 not as a God’s judgment yardstick but as a sign of God’s confidence in the feminine clan and his perception of the incredible power he has given women. Yes I believe that ‘feminity’ is fascinating and God’s best gift to women.

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