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Mama’s Boys: 4 Reasons why they Make Lousy Lovers

You think how he drools over his mother is cute? Think again. Although women adore men who love and respect their mothers, they have an aversion for mamas’ boys. A mama’s boy is a man who is so attached and dependent on his mother that he puts her on a pedestal and expects his partner to measure up to her standards. His mother is the axis upon which his world revolves and he has a deadly and an almost cultic devotion to his mother. Such a man is a pain to deal with and any woman hoping to have a lasting and fulfilling romantic relationship should avoid him like plague.

Mama’s boys are mostly sons of single mothers, sons of physically and emotionally absentee dads or sons of mama’s boys. Although some mama’s boys can be wonderful and nurturing men to both their partners and children, a majority of them are a nightmare to love or live with. They are egocentric, insensitive, and spineless human beings whose emotional and social cords are still attached to their mamas. These men tend to be or have:

1. Have feelings of inadequacy

Are you dating a man who seems to have everything but feels like he has nothing? If yes, the probability of him being a mama’s boy is more than 90%. Most Mama’s boys have deep feelings of inadequacy and are generally unable to navigate the murky waters of emotional and social relationships without their mother’s help. Their inadequacy can be traced to lack or absence of a male figure to validate their masculinity during the formative years.

These men, irrespective of their stature in life, never feel good enough to be fathers, husbands or providers and are always looking up to their mothers for both guidance and validation especially while making decisions. If you are a believer in the finality of a couple’s decision, don’t date this kind of a man he will perennially disappoint you because decision making will always be a threesome affair.

2. Approval addicts

To a Mama’s boy, a mother’s authority reigns supreme.  What mama says goes whether it’s right or wrong. He is terrified by his mother’s criticism since it has an exceptional ability to crush his spirit. This breeds dependence which paralyzes him so much that he cannot make any meaningful decision without his mothers’ approval. Such a man would rather break your heart or hurt your feelings than receive a disapproving look from his mama.

3. Mother’s puppets

Mama’s boys are always under the control and influence of their mothers. They will  cancel a date, walk out during family dinner or miss their kids’ school activities to go and rescue their moms who seem to be always in distress. Their mothers are master manipulators and  control freaks who scrutinize and control almost every aspect of their lives.

4. Unrealistic expectations

To most men, the mom whether glorious or wretched has a powerful impact on them but to a mama’s boy, the mother is a deity who can do no wrong. He always expects his partners to measure up to his mothers’ lofty standards without failure. How is a younger woman supposed to outdo a woman twice her age who is more or less a demigod in the son’s eyes? It’s undoable and impossible.

As Chuck Palahniuk says “every son raised by a single mom [or a Mama’s boy] is pretty much born married…. until [the] mom dies it seems like all the other women in [his] life can never be more than just [his] mistress.” So, unless a mama’s boy makes a conscious decision to sever the unhealthy relationship he has with his mother, he is not fit to be romantically involved with any woman. Women dating mama’s boy set themselves for failure and a life of unimaginable misery.



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