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Curtains and Drapes Buying Guide-How to Shop for Curtains Like a Pro




Have you ever gone curtain shopping only to come back home overwhelmed, tired, disoriented and with no curtains to show? With endless options and so many decisions to make about color, style, fabric and prints, curtain shopping can be an overwhelming experience.

Curtains can make or break a room. They are critical pieces that have the exceptional ability to set the tone and upgrade the aesthetics and physical appeal of any space. Smart curtain choices have the ability to transform even the most boring rooms into artistic and intriguing spaces in an instant. Here are a couple of basic tips that will help you shop for window treatments like a pro:

1. Room functionality and purpose

In curtain and drape selection, function always comes before style. The purpose that the room serves is a key determinant of the curtain type. For instance, kids’ playroom, bedroom, and nurseries become more appealing when exuberant colors, fun, and playful patterns are used. A sunroom, on the other hand, may function better with sheers and light fabrics as compared to a movie room that may require drapes.

2. Lighting and Privacy

Window treatment is not about style and beauty alone. Curtains allow homeowners to create privacy for their homes without compromising the need for an unlimited view of the natural beauty surrounding their homes. For instance, you may prefer to use a combination of solid curtains and shears for bedrooms to reap the benefits of both privacy at night and unlimited view and sunlight during the day.



3. Fabric and color

Whether you want to give your room a fresh breath of life or an intriguing and sophisticated look, curtains are your best bet. Velvet, linen, and silk are the go-to fabrics for curtains since they drape better than other fabrics. Walls and curtains don’t have to share the same exact color. As a home owner, you are at liberty of using any color that improves the appeal and aesthetics of your space.

4. Style

Is your decoration style bold or subtle? Which curtain style will complement your décor? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before going on a curtain shopping spree. If you are a daring decorator you can create a spectacular space by choosing colorful window treatments that have large graphic prints.



5. Measurement

For your curtains to look lavish and ornate, your measurements should be accurate and on point. For a draped and polished look, your curtains should be 3 times as wide as your windows.

Lengthwise, curtains can:

  • Brush the window sill- short curtains whose hems touch the window sill
  • Brush the floor- curtains whose edges slightly touch the floor.
  • Break the floor- curtains with edges that are an inch or two over the floor
  • Pool at the floor- curtains with edges that have more than 2 inches drooping over the floor.
  • Heading styles and accessories.

6. Heading styles and accessories

Your curtain display style dictates the heading styles, trimmings, and accessories to be used in hanging the curtains. Whether you intend to use pencil pleats, pinch pleats, goblets or eyelets, always evaluate the overall impact the drapery header will have on your décor before making the final decision.

7. Shopping options and budget

Whereas custom made curtains are the best since they can be customized to perfectly fit your windows and blend in with any other accessory or feature of concern, they tend to be more expensive. If you are on a tight budget, you can scour the stores for off-the -shelf curtains that are made of high-quality fabrics so that your space does not end up looking cheap and unappealing.


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