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How to Make a T-Shirt Tote Bag with Scissors only, and in less than 10 Minutes

A week ago, my sister Sophie paid me a surprise visit. There is nothing special about your big sister paying you a visit, right? Not for me. I love Sophie to death. We are orphans and she is my only sibling and we, therefore, lean heavily on each other. She, however, drives me crazy sometimes and that’s why I always want a notice before she visits- it rarely happens despite the fact that she lives 200 km away!

My sister is the clan’s fashion police and in her opinion, am the world’s most terrible dresser- hard to admit but I think she is right. That’s why I always want to know when she is coming to visit so that I can dress up to impress her. To cut the long story short, when she showed up, I was wearing a lovely black T-shirt but my sister thought it was a piece of black drape that made me look like a homeless person.

Our conversations about my fashion choices always end with my beloved outfits being tossed in a trash can. This time around, I decided to make something useful out of my ‘fashion disaster’. Armed with a pair of scissors and zero sewing skills, I made a tote bag in 4 simple steps.

Step 1

Lay your T-shirt on a flat surface


Step 2

Cut off the T-shirt sleeves, neckline, and hem


Step 3

At the helm, use the scissors to make incisions that are 1″ wide and 2.5″ long


Step 4

Knot the fringes  together


And Voila! you have a tote bag in less than 10 minutes.


About Jenny

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother who believes in discovering the wonder and the marvel of an ordinary life by allowing it to inspire me and holding onto the belief that God uses the ordinary to do extra ordinary things in the lives of others. I believe that i do not have to be in possession of a great talent for my life to be magical. I can move mountains and change the world I live in by embracing whatever I have with a grateful attitude and nurturing my mustard seed to an amazing tree of greatness. I believe that I can begin and nurture great relationships, I can do an incredible job in my workplace irrespective of my title, I can be a great homemaker and can manage the resources that God has given me as a great steward. I am a firm believer of the Proverbs 31 not as a God’s judgment yardstick but as a sign of God’s confidence in the feminine clan and his perception of the incredible power he has given women. Yes I believe that ‘feminity’ is fascinating and God’s best gift to women.

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